Hey, I’m RockDaniRoll

Welcome to my busy, chaotic, Amazing Rock and Roll life!

This website is under construction!

BUT WAIT! If you are already here reading this, I want to tell you, what I do. I like to stay busy creating, traveling, learning and training.

For that I travel as much as I can. I have been in more than 20 countries since I left home in 2013. I make videos. I train martial arts and I manage different companies or projects on the go.

These are the projects

that are taking my time right now

Salto de Vida

Al Paso A Lo Desconocido
Salto de Vida (Jump To Life) Al Paso A Lo Desconocido (The Step To The Unknown) A travel agency, where I’m the founder and I manage it with a small team. This company offers different training and traveling programs around the world. Right now we only have one program that is Learn Martial in China and we are the oficial representatives of Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School in China to all Latino America countries. But soon we are going to offer programs in Thailand, India and Indonesia.

Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School in China

I do a few things for this school. I make videos, take photos, create graphic design arts, manage one of their websites, manage their social media accounts (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) and I help them taking some decisions.


Daniel Rojas Design

This is my graphic design, photography and production “Company”. I write company to make it sound bigger and important. The truth is, it is only me, who manage and create everything.

Soon, all the work and projects of DRDesign will be on RockDaniRoll website. DRDesign will be closed, because I don’t have time for new clients unless they pay good. That happens very rarely. Welcome to the freelancers graphic design world! This is why, in my whole life, I decided to focus on my own projects and companies instead of searching for clients!!

Moving the work to RockDaniRoll, I will manage everything under one website and I don’t have to pretend that I have a big design company. It is just me and my work.

I will create 4 divisions: RockDaniRoll Photography, RockDaniRoll Designs, RockDaniRoll Productions and RockDaniRoll Projects to cover all the information that are in DRDesign.

If you still want to hire me, feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to hear about new projects.

Dragons Warriors

Wake Up! No Excuses!

This is a beautiful project with a great concept that I created with Basia. Here we share our training experience and knowledge in three different fields, fitness, healthy life and traveling.


This project is the most difficult one, because it is about me, my travels and my ideas. I decided to stop trying to make things perfect. I just do it in the best way that I can, with the time that I have. Otherwise, I would never finish anything. BETTER DONE THAN PERFECT! I create more and I get better on the way.

RockDaniRoll Community


It can be community or philosophy or… actually I’m still looking for a proper name for it. Here, I share my ideas, my thoughts on what I believe that the world needs to be better.

The inicial idea was to create a community without politics, countries, religion and colors. Just believing in ourselves, helping each other and following our dreams. I created a video about it. I spend many days making it! Watch it here …

My Waiting list


These are other projects that I would like to create at some point of my life

+ Peaceful Warriors
+ Sharing World for a Better World
+ Karma Movement – The Dark side of the Ying Yang
+ Fuck The Nature

You want to get involved

or help me?


Write me an email if you are interested to contact me, or fill the contact form that you will find when you keep scrolling down.

Are you still reading this?


So cool that you took your time to read and scroll all the way down here!!

I want to share with you one more thing.

This life of “digital nomad” is hard, you work a lot and maybe after long time, if you took the right decisions, and if you believe with all your heart in that idea day and night, even if nobody else believe in it, you will get your reward.

It is also easier when you focus only on ONE THING, just ONE THING, you can reach your goal faster!!

My struggle or my ability is that I can’t focus on one thing. Whole life I have been creating different projects. It is more difficult path and takes more time but it is the way that I do it!

Hey!! And one last thing

Believe in yourself!

Believe in yourself!

It doesn’t matter, who you are, you have the power to create whatever you can imagine!

Life is one, so enjoy it doing what you want. Enjoy all ups and downs, because this is the amazing part of being alive.

The key, is the attitude! Believe Me! If you have a problem just change your attitude!

and Let's

Rock and Roll


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Peace, Love Freedom and Rock n’ Roll